Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Week 3: Lost 2, Total 6

I’ve gotten into the groove, Jimmy!

I had a pretty good week. I settled into an eating routine so I no longer use FitDay. My net carbs are probably close to 20. I wrote in Jimmy’s column on Thursday that I was very hungry at dinner a couple of times so I added a snack of a hardboiled egg in the afternoon. But since Friday, I have not been that hungry at dinner so I’m not having the snack anymore. Although I did take a teaspoon of butter one evening and just let it melt on my tongue. mmmm, butter!

I’m feeling great and can notice my face, neck and chest have lost some weight. I would like to see baggy pants next! I’m dreaming of new clothes already.

I ate lunch out on Saturday and had melt-in-your-mouth brisket and salad.
I ate breakfast out on Sunday and asked for a cheese omelet without the sides. The waitress insisted on bringing me a fresh fruit bowl. It looked pretty good and I tasted one banana slice. Of course, the other choices I turned down were hashbrowns, pancakes, toast and big fluffy biscuits! Oh well. That stuff isn’t for me.

3 eggs for breakfast cooked in butter
Or 2 eggs and homemade breakfast sausage with ground pork

6-8oz protein and 2-3 cups vegetables for lunch and dinner
Hamburger patty and roasted asparagus
Salmon or tuna and salad
Chicken thighs and green beans with butter
Green chile chili with a little sour cream
Curry chicken breast and roasted cauliflower
Herb and garlic ground turkey with sauteed mushrooms

I should have done a few more walks, but made excuses that the weather was hot.
My hiking buddy was out of town so I skipped the hike this week.
Bike ride
1 hour step aerobics
2 – 1 hour weight training

Blood sugar has been 93 – 108 in the mornings. Lower after a day of exercising.

Weight: 239 – lost 2 this week for a total of 6 down!

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mo-better43 said...

Thata girl!!! You sound so positive and it also sounds like the weight loss is starting to show!!! Congratulations! It's good to see progress. I've been steady this week, water weight gain, not feeling my best. Always happens, but I'll be back on track this weekend for sure. I need to ramp up the exercise, but I've been so darned busy from morning till late evening. As soon as hubby goes back into the field for crops I'll have time to myself and can walk my dogs or ride my bike or ride my horse. Good luck, keep up the positive attitude and hard work.