Monday, August 07, 2006

My Eating Plan

Wanted to mention what kind of eating plan I follow. I try to stay around 30g of carbs daily in the form of about 3 cups of low-starch vegetables. I have some cheese and other dairy, but I try to have small amounts and have days where I have none. I avoid grains and starches. Once in a while I may get some Wasa light rye, but I end up eating too many slathered with butter. I have an over-eating problem as well as a carb addiction. I don't drink diet pop any more - just lots of water. I try to limit eating anything sweetened or artifically sweetened because again, that is an addiction.

I started Atkins back in July 2002 when it regained popularity. I read the whole book and cleaned out my cupboards and fridge. No more microwave popcorn every night! I lost 16 pounds in about 6 weeks. My blood sugar came way down and I stopped taking metformin. I started researching more about whether low carb diets were healthy or not. I have never found anything research to say it is unhealthy. In fact, I found just the opposite. But I didn't stick with it long enough to lose more weight. I gained about 10 pounds back.

I rediscovered Dr. Richard K. Bernstein who wrote "Diabetes Solution". He recommends eating 6/12/12 carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a total of 30g of carbs daily. I actually read his book back in 1996 after I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but I guess I thought it was too radical. His feisty attitude comes through in his book. The recipes in the book are really good too!

My other main favorite is Protein Power and Protein Power LifePlan by Dr. Mike and Dr. Mary Dan Eades. They explain how excess insulin is the culprit in many of our modern diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and certain cholesterol numbers as high triglycerides and low HDL.

Another expert I like to read is Dr. Mary Enig who says butter is health food (I love butter!). I bought the Nourishing Traditions cookbook co-written by Sally Fallon. The book is full of great recipes and many nuggets of good information about health.

There are many more blogs and articles on the internet that I read almost daily.

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