Sunday, March 25, 2007

50th Birthday weekend

I've had a great weekend. Friday, 6 buddies hiked with me at Rattlesnake Ledge in the pouring rain. So we didn't get any pictures. But it was fun as usual. I made it up in about 50 minutes this time -- 10 minutes less. Plus I gabbed the whole time. I think the improvement is because of the Mon/Wed workouts. Still doing New Rules of LIfting or I guess I should say inspired by it. I'm doing some new things like seated rows and woodchoppers.

Saturday morning, my fbg was 85! All that gritting my teeth in March paid off. Finally, that last week was pretty easy to eat less.

My brother, sil and mom went out for steak, lobster and grilled asparagus. Yum! Later that evening, we had a couple glasses of some local wine. Pretty good stuff and my face was numb. We enjoyed the fellas playing some jazz music. The owner came out to meet us. When he found out it was my birthday, he brought out a piece of cheesecake with 3 forks. I had 3 bites. My fbg on Sunday was still only 89. So I'm very happy about that. Weight stays the same. Oh well.

Then we went to Snoqualmie Falls --lots of water because of all the rain.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

It's March

Eating wise, I have had no problem staying away from the no-no list for the last couple of weeks. Now I really need to watch the protein portion size especially at dinner. We had some discussions on the Bernstein forum that made sense. One was about never cheating. I realize that I have to down-regulate my tastebuds. The longer I go without sugar or even salty chips, the less I will miss it. The other discussion was that most people eat closer to 3-4 oz of protein per meal. I'm pretty sure I go over the 6oz that Protein Power says I can have for now. So I need to make an effort to cut back there.

I had skipped 2 of the fat loss workouts so I still have one more to go. Then I start the new ones. Let's see if I can actually get there twice a week! I really need to because I want to work my way up to do that 4-exercise gigantic set. And that Tuesday night cardio wouldn't hurt me none either. I really enjoy that skating machine.

Bgs were around 113, then up to 130 which I can only guess is because I missed some exercise and had nuts and cream. But I need to make an appointment for a checkup -- ready or not. I guess it's been 4 years since I was there last.