Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mt Si Hike

On Friday afternoon, I went on a 3-hour hike with my friend and her daughter on Mt Si in Northbend, Washington. It was a gorgeous day and just under 70 degrees. It was quite a gain in elevation and very rocky there. Beautiful dense forest, fungi growing on the trees and sword fern everywhere.

We heard and finally caught a glimpse of a hawk who was chasing a smaller bird. We are not sure what type of hawk. It was smaller than a red-tailed hawk, but still made that 'tseear' sound.

The wild blackberries are so ripe right now. I lost count, but I probably had about 30 of them! So I did go over my carbs but I'm sure the hike compensated. My blood sugar was down to 95 on Saturday morning! I've had those hypoglycemic feelings in the past between meals and sometimes after exercising hard. So I did have some cheese and an Atkins canned shake with me. But I didn't need them. I think my body is more adapted to eating low carbs now and adjusting to more normal blood sugars.

I think I've lost a few pounds so I'm excited to check in on Tuesday on Jimmy Moore's Low carb weightloss challenge site.

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