Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My before picture

I'm uploading my before picture here so I can add it to my profile. Can't wait to have my after picture taken in February 2007 after 30 weeks!

This was taken on a fun Christmas 2005 cruise to the Bahamas with my brother and his family in Florida.


Victoria said...

Good for you! I put a recent photo of my face on my blog this time, but not quite ready to share one of my body. Thank goodness for digital cameras with timers! I have a little more to lose than you do (I am 265, but yes, we sound like we have a lot in common.) I can't walk like you do though - taking the dog for a walk in the evenings is about all I can manage. But it's so hot here in the south right now!

Anyway, nice to meet you!


Anonymous said...

I have always been proud of you, but now I am especially proud. You go girl, we are rooting for you! You have always gotten what you put your mind to and you can do it this time too.

Love ya,