Monday, August 07, 2006

Week 1

Yay - a no cheat week! Ate no sugar, grains or starch. No weightloss yet, but I sure feel great.

I received Jonny Bowden's CDs, "Change Your Body, Change Your Life" on July 29th and have listened to them all twice. I like the idea of training myself to make the right choices. I keep my word and commitment to other people, I need to keep my word to myself.

During our weekly hike, we were talking about ice cream the whole way. After the hike, I was tempted to go through McDonalds drive through window for an ice cream cone. I even drove about 2 miles there. But I successfully talked myself out of it and just drove on by!

These are some of the foods and meals I had this week.
Usually eggs for breakfast, sometimes a little ham or sausage.
Made a fish soup with cod, bok choy and cilantro.
Caesar salad with lemon chicken breast
Steak, Heirloom tomatoes, grilled asparagus.
low carb egg custard made with coconut milk and sugar free splenda syrup.
a few almonds and walnuts

2 mile walk
4 mile hike
No weight training - my trainer was on vacation. I should have gone to the gym on my own!

Blood sugar: dropped from 162 to 142.
Weight: 245 (no change)

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