Saturday, April 21, 2007

Week 1: -3 Total 3

I had very little cravings this week. I stayed pretty lowcarb. But I did have some nuts last night. My fbg was about 108 mid week, but the cashews bumped me back up.

fbg 144 --> 124
weight 234 --> 231
exercise 1 weight training, 8 hrs gardening.

I entered 3 days of food into Fitday and here are the averages.

Avg Calories 1365

grams cals %total
Fat: 86 776 58%
Carbs: 32 96 7%
Protein: 114 457 34%

I went into crunch mode at work and worked late instead of exercising Tue-Fri. I need to manage my time better.

Now that I'm not having cravings and feel more in contol, I will reduce my protein amounts by a couple of ounces.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 0 -- New 12 week challenge

I started a new challenge on the Bernstein forum where we check in on Saturday.

12 weeks ending June 30th. Let's see what can be done in 12 weeks!

Starting weight: 234
Starting fbg: 144
Starting measurements:
Waist 42.5, Hips 43.5 Ratio: 98%

Joyce's Week 0 goals:

30 grams carbs per day
23-hour fast on M, W
No nuts

Exercise every day!
Weight training M, W
Cardio Tu,Th
Hike F
Gardening or other on Sat, Sun

No negative talk. Change my programming with only positive thoughts.
Don't dwell on cravings. Focus on other things and the cravings will pass.

Ultimate goal
Lose 1-2 pounds per week
Keep bgs under 90