Thursday, August 10, 2006

First day out to lunch - made it!

I went with some girlfriends out to lunch and then through the Nordic museum near Seattle today. At the little cafe, I didn't really see a low carb type of salad. So I asked if I could get a side salad with some chicken. They said no problem.

Lesson: if you don't see what you want on the menu, just ask. Most places are very helpful.

We then went to Starbucks and I would have loved a Frappuccino (iced coffee with lots-o sugar). Once again, I didn't notice anything on the menu that was sugarfree so I asked if they made any iced coffee with the sugar free syrups. They did! So I got an iced coffee with sf hazelnut syrup and then I added some half-and-half.

I stayed under 30grams of carbs today and had about 1700 calories.

I have had no snacks for the last several days outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am just not hungry between meals. We saw lots of Nordic pastries at the museum and I sure would have loved something. But I'm aware now there is a difference between having the wonderful memories of how it used to taste and what I may and may not put in my mouth now. My friends were talking about the garlic french fries they had had the previous night. Then we drove past a McDonalds and all I could think of was having some fries. But I did not actually want them. I did not act on the feeling as I would have in the past.

I listened to Dr. Jonny Bowden's CDs again this week. I heard some things I didn't remember hearing before. Maybe he's helping me to be strong and believe I can do this or maybe it is something else. But I want it to continue.

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marit_ said...

Hi Hike2Health

I read your blog and I think it is motifying to see how clever you are recisting all those goodies.

Good luck with your weight-loss !

From Marit ( in Norway, EU )