Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Week 9: Gained 1!

Uh oh. Now how can I wriggle out of this one? I have to face it. I had a bag of potato chips and a candy bar on Sunday. I don't know why. I had actually gone down a pound earlier in the week. A couple of people have noticed that I look better. So why would I slip back to old habits? I don't know.

Other than that cheat, I'm eating how I was eating for the first couple of months for the challenge when I lost about 2 pounds each week. About 30g carbs daily, 6 oz meat for lunch and dinner and 3 eggs for breakfast. Plus the supplements including fish oil. Ok, I probably exceeded the portion amounts sometimes in the last couple of weeks. So I will pay closer attention to measurements.

There is no way I'm giving up on this. I will do it. I CAN and I WILL.

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mo-better43 said...

Hi Hike,

Don't dwell on the past, look to the future. We all regress sometimes....I know I do. You can do it, you have the will power and the will to change. The only thing that stops me from eating the way I used to is the thought of having that fuzzy ache in my head and that tired feeling. Kind of like a new years day hangover. I don't want to go back to that, I want to wake up feeling good in the morning!!! I know you do too! Chin up, back to work girl!~ :-)