Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Week 13: -3, Total 20

Yay, going back down again.

It was tough to get through today at work with the Halloween candy all around me. Especially the Almond Joys! How many times in years past did I eat a few bags of Almond Joy, Snickers and Reeses. Empty wrappers all over. It's ugly to remember and to think of the harm it has done. When one trick-or-treating teenager asked me where my candy was, I just said "It's so bad for you!". The commercialism and greed or hoarding of candy turns me off. Just like Easter when instead of hunting eggs, the kids just greedily run around getting as many as they can. The size of Easter baskets is extreme and now includes gifts. It's just too much, I think.

I did get to the gym Monday. I bumped up the wave machine, like elliptical only an inline skating motion. I was even swinging my arms, pretending I was skating out on the boardwalk by a California beach! I had my heart rate going at around 155 for about 8 minutes and then a cool down. Then I did some upper body and abs on the ball to round out the hour.

I *will* get to the gym tomorrow night for mostly cardio, which I usually hate to do by myself and I talk myself out of going. When I look back on my journal, exercise makes a big difference!

Have to remember my goal of improving my hiking time. Everybody is faster than me and I don't like to make my friends slow down and wait for me. I would like to do more group hikes, but I gotta lose more weight so I can walk faster.

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