Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Week 11: +2, Total 17

I ate out last week and just had a little of this and that. Hopefully things will go back down again.

I've missed my hikes a couple weeks in a row now too. So I need to bump up the workouts. At least do 4 good high intensity workouts a week.

My blood sugar was 124 one day. I had a good workout that night. The next day, fbs was down to 111. So I know exercise is very effective for getting that down for me. I was looking at my journal and when I hit 85, I had done a nice long bike ride the previous day.

I've had some carb creep and nuts so I'm going to keep an eye on that. Things are heating up at work so I have to make sure make time to get to the gym after work. It's good to work out the stress (not bad stress, just good stress). I would so love to get back to playing tennis because I'm not that crazy about just doing an elliptical by myself. I quit tennis because of heel pain. I suspect that high blood sugar was partly to blame. I'll have a little surgery for a meniscus tear and then I hope to be ready to play next spring.

So that's how I can make it through elliptical: it's bringing blood sugars down, weight down and good training to get back into tennis!

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