Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Week 8: Lost 0, Total 15

I've updated my goal to what my ultimate goal is. 150 will put me out of the overweight classification on the BMI charts.

Didn't lose weight this week. Had a little clam chowder and even a few french fries when my Mom and I went to lunch! That was my first cheat meal in two months and I hope it's my last. It just was not worth it. It is not fun to gain back what I worked so hard to lose.

For Month 2, I lost an additional inch off my hips and a half an inch off my waist.

I made something a little different for dinner.

Lamb and chantrelle skillet

Sautee crimini and chantrelle mushrooms. Remove from pan.
Sautee sliced leeks then add 4 cloves garlic.
Add ground lamb
Add 2Tbsp fresh thyme. Salt and pepper to taste.
When lamb is almost done, add back mushrooms. Stir for a few minutes.

I then had some homemade gelatin with sf raspberry syrup, plus some cream.

Good stuff.


mo-better43 said...

Hi Hike!
I hate it when I don't lose, but at least you didn't GAIN!!! Good for you, you need to treat yourself once in a while. Don't worry, you can get right back on track. It's the big binges that leave you feeling tired and depressed. I always run away when I feel those, or eat some lc foods to help me get over it. I tried to email Vic and I can't. I guess I have to become a blogger in her format??? She is doing good! I am down to 199 today. I'm feeling extra happy!!! I made it past my first big goal, so I am going to take my husband out for his birthday and we are celebrating that and my first goal!!! Keep up the hard work, it'll pay off for sure!!!

Netgrrl said...

Sorry about the change to wordpress. I was having some issue with blogger, and I love using wordpress. But yes, it makes you 'login' so that you don't get hit by spammers.

Joyce, you're doing great. We all have to learn to ride out those weeks we don't lose, and take a larger view! You've done so well!