Friday, September 15, 2006

Diet Tweak 2 - Intermittent Fasting

I read Dr. Mike's blog Thursday morning about intermittent fasting and decided on the spot to give it a try. I had eaten breakfast, so I didn’t eat the rest of the day and just ate this morning after an hour of weight training. I can’t believe I didn’t pass out or fall over dead! I felt just fine, actually, and drank my usual water along with two cups of green tea. It sounds radical and crazy, but Dr. Mike makes a pretty good case for all the health benefits. Eating only meat and fat sounds crazy too, but I learned we don’t need carbs either. There is less hunger that way. I love veggies and I don’t feel they are bad for me, but I don’t worry about having them at every meal. I made a red bell pepper and cabbage slaw with a wasabi mayonnaise that was so good.

In studies, health benefits of IF include improved weight control, insulin resistance, blood sugar, hypertension, bacterial and viral infectious diseases, chronic sinusitis and autoimmune disorders. There were many responses to Dr. Mike’s article. Fred Hahn asked whether we would waste muscle. But Dr. Mike answered that since you don’t fast for more than about 24 hours at a time, this shouldn’t happen.

My blood sugar was about the same as usual - 98. I'll give this a try and see if I can get that lower. I had gained 2 pounds earlier this week, but they are gone this morning. I had been eating a little more last week and enjoying my last bottle of Carb Options Barbeque Sauce with smoked chicken and some country pork ribs.

This is the suggested rotation which means you always eat at least once each day and don't go much beyond 24 hours of fasting. When I eat, I plan on just eating what I usually eat.

day 1 : eat bf & lunch = eat before 6 pm
day 2: eat dinner = start eating after 6 pm
day 3: eat bf & lunch = eat before 6 pm
day 4: like day 2... rinse & repeat.
basically dinner-bf-lunch/ - - - /


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