Saturday, September 09, 2006

Diet and supplement tweaks - Omega 3

I love seeing this ticker now and couldn't wait for Tuesday. I'm almost half way to my mini-goal of 215. My longer term goal is to get to about 150 pounds.

I've tweaked my diet and supplements this week, based on the success of Regina and Jimmy. I have already used these supplements in the past, but I guess I stopped them for a while. I'm taking fish oil and natural E, chromium, L-carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine, L-glutamine, r-ALA, borage oil, glucosamine/chondroitin, CoQ10, magnesium, D and a multi. I guess I stopped these for a few weeks, because they may not be necessary and I don't want to rely soley on them. I think leaving bad stuff out of my diet is more important as well as eating the most nutritient dense foods. But I'm ready for a boost. My blood sugar finally has dipped below 100 and I want to get it to 83 consistently.

I love salmon, and I have been eating grass-fed beef grown here in Washington State. So I've just bought more of that as well as the omega-3 eggs. The basis of these tweaks is to improve the ratio of Omega-3 fatty acids compared to 6 and 9's. I've read Dr. Mary Enig's Know your Fats. I love her research because I love butter and she says butter is health food! When butter comes from grass-fed cows, it is golden yellow and has lots of vitamins A and D as well as some CLA. I've been getting KerryGold butter from Ireland. Sometimes I take a teaspoon and just let it melt in my mouth. Who needs the popcorn, when the butter is the part that tastes good?

I did some research on dietary fats and how they are metabolized. So many of the low carb books focus on excess carbohydrate getting stored as fat and I understand that. But excess fat gets stored as fat too, even though it doesn't seem to need insulin. I limit myself to about 4 Tablespoons of fat per day besides what comes naturally in meats. That's still pretty generous! My main fats are butter, olive oil and coconut oil.

Well, my hiking buddy is out of town so I need to get my butt in gear this weekend. I have a big pile of compost that needs to be spread in the garden, so that should burn off a few calories.


carbattack said...

You're awesome! I'm tweaking, too. And, sigh, adding exercise.

Kathy in Houston

Victoria said...

Sounds like your plan is really working for you! Like you, I am giving a lot of thought to my exercise goals. My rheumy will be so proud when I see him! LOL

It's a good idea about the supplements. Like you, I'd fallen away from taking many. I am so tired of pills! but I need to get back on that program too.

Look forward to seeing your progress on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering where you are getting the grass fed beef in Washington. I have been searching this week, and the only place I have found is a ranch in Sedro Wooley, I can buy limited amount of their product at Marlene's. Oh, I'm in Tacoma! Love the blog! It's really motivating for me.

Anonymous said...

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