Friday, September 22, 2006

True confession - sugar free treats.

I'm going to confess now that my fbs went up to 98. I got a maltitol-sweetened nut thingy and ate the whole thing. A few days ago I had some sf carmel pudding. This is the ready-to-eat pudding in 4 little containers. I hope I can learn some day to eat just one at a time. But I ate all 4 that night. So I'll just stick with the sf jello as my only treat.

I have not gained weight yet, but I haven't lost either this week.

I have a hike planned today and the weather looks good for another bike ride on Sunday. I'll keep my carbs under 30 as usual and eat about 6oz protein for dinner along with my usual 3 omega-3 eggs for breakfast. I've been having some cheese in an omelet for breakfast and I will skip the cheese if I don't start losing.

I skipped lunch Friday and I may continue to eat about 2 meals a day with no snacks. I won't eat before exercise in order to get extra fat burning. I have 4 days until Tuesday!

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