Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fasting Blood Sugar at 85

I saw my first fasting blood sugar at 85 this morning! It was 98 on Friday. I also lost 3 pounds. I had a late ‘lunch’ if you can call it that at 8pm last night so I will wait until 8pm tonight to eat dinner. That’s about my usual time anyway. I'm still eating my usual low carb meals. Yesterday, I had asparagus and steak for dinner and an omelet for late breakfast.

My clothing is getting much loser. I may look like a bum with baggy pants for a while. :) Fortunately, I make my pants with drawstrings and can tighten them up. I will take the side seams in a little. I’ll put some vertical darts in the back of my shirts. The weather has gotten colder now, so I’m doing the layered look with a loose shirt over a t-shirt.

Since my hiking buddy was out of town for our usual Friday hike, I did a bike ride on Saturday along the Lake Sammamish old railroad trail. My timing was perfect, because I met a new biking/hiking buddy! She is new in town and was looking for the trail and saw me taking my bike off my bike rack. We rode together and chatted the whole time. At the end, I gave her my phone and email so that we can do a hike or bike ride. She teaches biology at the high school. I was hoping to find someone to do something with on Sundays so that works perfect for her. She rode on further north and I headed back. The smell of blackberries along the trail was heavenly so I had a few. Oh my they were good.

This is a picture of butterfly weed that I planted in my garden. I hope it comes back next year, but I think the slugs enjoy it too much. I had lots of butterflies this summer. One day there was about 5 of them parading back and forth through my yard.


Anonymous said...

I think you will find carb options barbecue is now South Beach put out by Draft. It is what I use and like it.

Anonymous said...

NOT DRAFT-Kraft. Sorry can't spell!

Hike2Health said...

I'll have to look for that. thanks