Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Week 17: +1, Total 19

Well thanks to fasting yesterday, I lost 4 of the 5 pounds I gained last week. My fasting blood sugar was 113 compared to 130 yesterday. So I will continue this IF for a while. I will avoid eating out because it makes me hungry. Maybe due to hidden sugars or something else.

We are snowed in today, so I will take a nice walk in the neighborhood this afternoon. It's coooold outside!

For lunch, I'm having a salad of mache (lamb's lettuce) and sliced radishes. I make a viniagrette with a garlic clove smashed with a pinch of course salt. Love that stuff. I guess I'll have some sockeye salmon too. Then I'll skip dinner tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hike,

How's it going? I just got back to work, I've been in Florida for the week. It was a wonderful visit and I've only gained two lbs since going. Not too bad, we had some cheats here and there. I'm back on it again and hoping to lose 20 lbs by the end of February for my Hawaii trip. The weather just turned brutally cold today with snow flurries. I sometimes wish I could get warm - that 40 lbs was sort of my insulation, now I'm freezing and looking for some thin insulate underwear!!! I'm going back to the treadmill tonight. Wish me luck -