Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hiked Rattlesnake again

We hiked to Rattlesnake ledge again Friday. It got pretty dark by 4:30 or 5. I should always remember my backpack and head lamp just in case. But it was a nice afternoon.

My blood sugar went from 115 Friday morning to 95 on Saturday morning. My weight is still around 226-227.

Saturday, we had a beautiful sunny day. I finished moving the rest of the compost to the back yard over the sand filter septic system. Then I planted the carex, oxalis and tassel ferns as ground cover. Little by little, there won't be any more grass to mow in the back yard. I have room for 2 Japanese maples. I may try to move one that is vase shaped and getting bigger. But it's close to a gas line, so I may have to just cut it down. I'll have some pathways of beauty bark around and through the yard.

It's all I can do to wait to make the pumpkin mousse. But I've got to cut back on the treats in order to keep losing weight. I've had some winter squash with pork chops. I have one more serving of almonds in the freezer and I won't buy anymore for a while.

I went to a little party last night and was going to have a little wine, but I just had a diet pop instead. Wine always makes my ankles swell up anyway.

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