Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Week 15: -2, Total 19

Lost 2 of the 3 I gained last week. I cut back on low carb treats. I have been having about 2 handfuls of almonds in the evening. One would be sufficient.

I made two soups on Sunday with some grass-fed chuck roast that I cut up into bite-sized pieces. PCC did not have the soup bones on hand, so the soup wasn't as good as last time. One was a beef soup with dinosour kale, leek, squash, carrots and peas. The other was a chili with beef, red peppers, celery and onion and the New Mexico green chiles. It's a little hot, but gets better when I stir in a little cream cheese and cheddar cheese.

I'm going to my brother's for Thanksgiving. I'm planning on taking the low carb pumpkin mousse, either green beans almondine or broccoli puree and maybe some deviled eggs, but they like deviled eggs too. We'll have fun playing games. Hopefully I can get a hike in over the long weekend. Maybe I can get a niece or two to go with me.


mo-better43 said...

Hi Hike!!!

Does your custard come out sweet? I didn't do too well with the
Impossible pumpkin pie. I used half a cup of caramel syrup -Davinci sugar free, and it didn't taste sweet enough for me. A bit on the spicy side too. I have to alter it somehow. Yep, I've had my share of ups and downs this month. I just had a few more this week with my son. This always happens when the holidays are coming. Everything just

Take care- keep up the great work!


Hike2Health said...

Yes, I used about 20 packets of Splenda for the pumpkin custard and I could not tell that it did not have sugar. It was very sweet. For a plain egg custard, I used the Toasted Marshmallow syrup and that was pretty good.

Here's the link to my pumpkin custard: