Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to IF

I decided to get back into the intermittent fast today as a way to reign back my appetite. I don't like feeling out of control. Last week and through the weekend, I ate lots of nuts and also made the low carb pumpkin custard. I also ate bread a few times. I do not like the feeling of overeating.

My weight was up to 230 and morning blood sugar was 130.

So it's gone pretty well today. Got hungry a few times, but just kept putting it off and made it through. Looking forward to bone-in pork chops and asparagus for dinner.

I've been reading various articles that remind me about the damage caused by excess insulin. Watching blood sugars is only one part of the story. For example, fructose doesn't make blood sugar rise that much but it gets converted to fat in the liver and contributes to insulin resistance.

Also re-read the chapter about insulin in PPLP. The top 2 things to reduce insulin levels are 1) reducing carbs, 2) lowering calories. So I guess IF does both. I really want to lower my insulin levels in addition to keeping my blood sugar low. Dr. Eades also made a point that having lower insulin levels helps weightloss. So I'm all over that!

I also found Dr. Ron Rosedale's talk about insulin in 1999:

It's best to get fasting insulin levels below 10. I will ask the doc if I can get mine tested (when I get around to making the appointment). I would also like to have my iron levels checked and probably should donate blood.

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