Friday, February 08, 2008

Feb 8th week

Managed to avoid eating any bad foods this week. Earlier in the week had nuts every night and just have to put a stop to that.

Fasting BG was 170 on Tuesday!

So Wednesday, I skipped breakfast. Then had chicken and 2 tomato slices for lunch, dinner was salad of mache, radishes, 2 bratwurst, 2 oz muenster cheese, olive oil.

B: 3 eggs in butter
L: chicken, lettuce, 2 tomato slices, mayo and soy sauce
D: salmon and broccoli with butter

By Friday morning, I was down to 140 fbg.

B: 3 eggs in butter
L: chicken, bok choy (restaurant)
D: grass fed steak, broccoli, hubbard squash, butter.

Missed the hike today as my friend was out of town. But I'll go for a nordic walk this weekend.

Last week's hike was fun. We wanted to find the Talus caves, but ran into the remaining snow at around 1200 feet. It was too slippery and there was about 4/10ths of a mile to go. So we turned around and hopefully we can try it again in a few weeks. Probably need a flashlight to see in the caves. Maybe there will be a hibernating bear. lol

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