Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Asian beef, shiitake, bok choy soup

I made my beef bone broth last weekend along with some braised shortribs. This made the best soup I ever made. I hope I can recreate it again. The shiitakes have a unique flavor.

Braised short ribs with a little low-sodium, wheat-free tamari sauce and about 6 cloves of garlic in the last hour.
Simmered the beef bone for about 5 hours along with some vinegar.
After about 3 hrs, added braising liquid to broth and cooked for another hour.
Strained broth through cheesecloth and refrigerated overnight.
Allowed ribs to cool.
Next day, skim fat from broth.
In large pot, cook sliced shiitake mushrooms in coconut oil.
Add the broth and bring to a boil.
Add the beef picked off the short ribs.
Add sliced bok choy, frozen peas, sliced green onion, one bunch cilantro chopped, red pepper flakes and some sesame oil.
Simmer just a little more.

Serve with bean sprouts in a bowl. Add a little more tamari if needed.

Monday night, Workout B
Step ups/Dumbbell incline bench press
Bulgarian split squat/lat pull down
Romanian deadlift (straight legs)/swiss ball side crunches

The deadlifts this evening gave me a slight backache even though I kept the weight light (35# dumbbells). I was reading Performance Menu forum and there was a link to this article about doing press ups for back pain. I did about seven and the pain magically disappeared! Good stuff.


I can really feel a difference after these workouts. I liked what the barbell squats did for my whole backside.

I fasted Monday until about 4:30, but ate regular meals today. Will probably fast tomorrow. Have really been fighting the cravings and did well today. Got into some potato chips yesterday, though.

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